Film Credits New-Richard Fox @ FoxYason Music Productions

Richard Fox @ FoxYason Music Productions

Film Credits New

Film Credits:


2024 - 'Chocolate Cake'
In development - Written by Richard Fox - Produced by Lauren Yason - Script and songs

2008 - 'Stone of Destiny'
Directed by Charles Martin Smith - Soundtrack

2008 - 'Pret a Teleporter'
Directed by Steven J. Skinner for the ScyFy Channel - Score

2008 - 'Clive Hole' 
Razor Balde Smile Productions

Directed by James Carter-Johnson - Score

2008 - 'Cash and Curry'
Jaffa Entertainment 

Directed by Sarjit Bains  - Sound Mix

2006 - 'The Sick House'
iDream Productions/Hopscotch Films

Directed By Curtis Radclyffe - Score and soundtrack

2005 -'Cold and Dark'
Sheer Films/Beyond Films 

Directed by Andrew Goth - Score and soundtrack

2004 - 'The Toolbox Murders'
Alpine Pictures/Toolbox Inc. 
Directed by Tobe Hooper - Soundtrack